Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Visit to the Queens County Farm Museum!

One of our volunteers in in the Just Food Farm School and their Crop Planning class visited the Queens County Farm Museum, were all us chickens were raised!!!  A great day filled with lots of information and lovely to see all the piggies, sheep, goats and of course chickens! A great place to visit so check it out! You can visit the farm for free and you can even help them out just by voting for them with the Partners in Preservation. Click here to vote and help them earn some funds!

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  1. I plan to make my annual journey to the county fair at Queens County Farm Museum this weekend (I try to go yearly). I hear that there is a county fair at the Wyckoff farmhouse in Brooklyn this weekend as well, so I may have to split my time and go see both (although the commute would be quite lengthy). Is the voting still open? I love the Queens County Farm Museum and would love to lend some support.