Monday, October 31, 2011

Chickens du Jour

Just an update as the Brook Park Chickens arrived just 6 weeks ago and I thought I'd give an update on our lovely hens! All seems to be going well and they are growing pretty fast! No eggs yet - but we hope they do lay some before the days get too short - we don't want to wait until spring!

All the volunteers have been amazing! They get up early to come attend to the hens, feed and water them, bring treats and clean the coop. They also make sure they are safe in their coop at night. We have also had some guest including students from a local Montessori school and we will have students from the Bronx Academy of Letters visiting on Friday, November 18th. The students will help me photograph all the hens!

Feel free to like the page on Facebook if you get a chance.

We have one shift available in case anyone wants to volunteer on Saturday nights. All regular volunteers get a share of the eggs! It is a great way to participate and a lot of fun! Email me if you are interested:

We look forward to more updates & visits!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011