Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thanks to a generous grant from Just Food, we will be building the first volunteer-run chicken coop and run in Brook Park in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx!

We are looking for volunteers of all ages to help for either of the two days of the build:
Friday & Saturday September 16 - 17 from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.
Brook Park, 141st and Brook Avenues, Bronx, NY

Take the 6 local to Brook Avenue at 138th Street, walk 3 blocks north to Brook Park! It is the second stop in The Bronx from Manhattan.

We will be building the coop from start to finish with plans, funds and materials all provided by a grant from Just Food. It is a great way to volunteer in one of the lowest income communities in the United States and help support urban gardening and agriculture. It is also a fun way to learn about raising chickens! Eggs will be distributed to weekly volunteers who help take care of the chickens. Chickens will not only be raised in a healthy environment, they will help show local students and children that urban agriculture is fun, exciting and provides access to healthy food.

"South Bronx is poorest district in nation, U.S. Census Bureau finds: 38% live below poverty line" New York Daily News,RICHARD SISK Sept, 29, 2010

The pullets will arrive the following Monday, September 19th at 5:30pm from the Queens County Farm! Please come for the build and the arrival!

This is very exciting and I want to host a meeting with as may volunteers as possible at the coop location in Brook Park on Sunday, August 28th at 10:00 am. (if it rains we can meet at my house at 441 East 139th Street between Willis & Brook Aves.)
We can pick volunteer slots, I'll have a contact list for everyone, and we will go over volunteer duties for each shift.

Also, I'd like to put together a blog to keep a diary of the coop and all that is going on. The group is called Brook Park Chickens, and if you can help, please let me know! We can always use donations to help provide feed for the chickens, volunteers and media assistance!

Let me know if you can attend the meeting and the build. We needs lots of helping hands so bring your tools, work gloves and your muscles! Anyone can help volunteer for the build or for the daily shifts.

To volunteer, contact lily@lilykesselman.com

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